Books you might like to read

Here are my three favorite books on sea kayaking. For a more complete list click the ‘FURTHER READING’ button below.
1. ‘Expedition Kayaking’ by Derek Hutchinson
2. ‘Fundamentals of Kayak Navigation' by David Burch
3. ‘Sea Kayaking: A Manual For Long Distance Touring’ By John Dowd


Selections coming soon...

I highly recommend a trip with Peter and look forward to my next one. It was a very special day. We put in at Naskeag Harbor near Brooklin, Maine and went island to island, stopping at several to explore a little and eat lunch. We had one of those perfect Maine days which matched the quintessential Maine scenery of fir-covered islands, expanses of clear blue water, and the occasional bald eagle and osprey. With Peter’s kind attention to my paddling technique, I learned how to be more efficient and was not a bit sore at the end of the day.
— Jan C., NY