Epic Kayak – Sea Kayaking’s Apple Computer?

Epic kayaks are truly high-performance kayaks and are a delight to paddle; They are highly engineered boats with a smartly designed, fully adjustable and retractable rudder (the Epic Track Master™) that can be used in concert with the forward stroke in a way that beats hands down rudder rigs that I have seen on any other kayak.  The seat as well as the foot pegs can be easily adjusted to several fixed positions which means that you can easily make adjustments to your paddling position while you are on the water.  So adjustments to all three - foot-peg, seat and rudder can actively complement your paddle-stroke for optimum efficiency and comfort.  I must confess my personal bias, that I view Epic kayaks as occupying a similar position in the sea kayaking world that Apple computers hold in the world of computing.  A simple analogy but one that may also hold true for a growing number of Epic enthusiasts.

The design for Epic kayaks grew out of Epic’s success with their surf-ski lines. Greg Barton (Olympic Gold Medalist) and Oscar Chalupsky (championship holder of multiple surf-ski events) who are owners of the company have been in the business for more than 25 years and have designed the Epic kayak line with the same mindset and design features that have proved to be so successful in he world of surf-skis.  Hydrodynamic efficiency which is based on both advanced materials technology and scientifically tested and innovative design features have together resulted in boats which exceed all expectations especially in turbulent air and water conditions and are simply great fun to paddle.

Epic 18X

Epic 18X

This year for the first time we are collaborating with North Coast Kayak in Lincolnville, ME and we are offering a discount on referrals from North Coast Kayak for tours and workshops with Driftwood Kayak.  Also, Driftwood Kayak clients can now purchase a kayak at discount from Chris Laughlin, owner of North Coast Kayak. This Spring we'll have two models on the water: Epic 18X and Epic 16X.  Both have Track Master™ steering system mentioned earlier and both have large storage capacity with front deck cutaways for allow for a closer, more efficient stroke.  The 18X is designed for intermediate to advanced touring paddlers seeking a distinct edge in a high-performance kayak. It has a sleek, efficient shape with a long water-line which means that long distances can be covered with exceptional ease and speed; The 18X also delivers excellent performance in rough water conditions. The Epic 16X, a lightweight, sport-performance kayak weighing just 40 lbs offers a unique combination of stability, maneuverability, and speed. As well as being excellent choices for day trips, both boats have storage for extended overnight excursions.

epic paddling.jpeg

In 2009 Freya Hoffmeister successfully circumnavigated Australia in an Epic 18X, completing the almost 14,000 km journey in a record-breaking 322 days, of which 245 were spent paddling. Let's assume that paddling a similar Epic model in Maine we won't be encountering any 'salt water crocodiles, sharks, sea snakes or deadly jellyfish' that Hoffmeister saw on her truly 'Epic Journey'!!