Are you a novice paddler who'd like to learn some basic strokes so that you can paddle effortlessly in a straight line or do a simple turn?  Perhaps you're an experienced paddler looking to perfect your roll or learn how to do a stern rudder?  Or maybe you're setting up your own overnight trip in the area and would like to pick up some tips on trip planning,


We offer a choice of three customized modules - Trip Essentials, Paddling Skills and Rescue Techniques.  The focus of a particular module will depend on your needs.  Just let us know which topics within a module you want to cover and we'll design the teaching session around those specific topics.

MODULE 1.  TRIP ESSENTIALS - nautical chart, navigation, local geography, trip planning, weather, tide, safety gear.  Takes place on land.

MODULE 2 - PADDLING SKILLS - forward and reverse strokes, forward and reverse sweep, bow and stern rudder, edging, bracing and skulling.  Takes place on the water.

MODULE 3 - RESCUE TECHNIQUES - T-rescue, self-rescue, Eskimo roll.  Takes place on the water.

For Modules 2 and 3, we provide an Information Package which tells you what you'll need to bring (including recommended clothing); sea kayaks, paddles and PFDs, safety and communication equipment are provided.


2- Hour session: $85 / person


Please read and sign our Medical Questionnaire and Liability Release Form prior to departure.  You can do this online when you book your trip.  Just click here for an online Form.