Discover one of the most treasured marine environments on the East Coast.  Be rewarded with the satisfaction you’ll gain from doing something in the outdoors that most people will never have the opportunity to do.  Be prepared for the unexpected - in a good way.

If you're joining us for an overnight trip, get ready for some mouth-watering meals made with locally sourced ingredients. Get back to nature and have an open mind; you’ll be amazed at the life-changing impact a day or more on the water can have. Learn some new kayaking techniques, sharpen your camping skills, take unforgettable photos.  And best of all…relax, while we take care of the details.

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Trip Safety

We're committed to trip safety - it’s our number one priority, period.  It’s our job to make sure you’ll feel safe and comfortable at all times.  We'll provide you with detailed information before a trip to ensure that you have the right training and preparation as you head out onto the water.  

It's important to note that the waters around Deer Isle and Stonington can be hazardous and the weather, even in summer, can change rapidly. With this in mind, both before and during a trip we'll provide you with a weather forecast with information about wind, currents and tides so you're fully prepared.  Our goal is to give you the confidence to travel by kayak under any conditions we happen to encounter.  We want this to be a trip to remember – for all the right reasons – for you, your friends and family.


Quality Experience

It's really important to us that we provide a quality experience with solid value. We're committed to making sure that the trip is right for you, the customer, not the other way around. If you need referrals from previous clients please, let us know.


Physical Requirements

We'll be paddling between four and six hours a day so you should be at least 'moderately fit'. We may be paddling against some significant wind some of the time, but where possible we'll use the direction of the wind and currents to our advantage. On occasion we're planning our route based on wind alone by paddling in the 'wind shadows' of islands. 

You'll be in a group of no more than four paddlers and we'll adjust the speed and distance to suit the group. We'll be paddling with carbon fiber paddles (light on the arms and wrists) and we'll practice correct paddling technique to cut down on fatigue.  

As mentioned above, conditions on the ocean are variable - in the summer we see days when the water is like glass with barely a breath of wind.  On other days, we expend a lot of energy dealing with the wind and the waves which can whip up especially in late afternoon.   You should be comfortable in all conditions that we'll encounter but if you have a concern about your ability to paddle, don't hesitate to chat with us about this before your trip. 

Previous Experience Required?

Yes and no. The trip will be designed for either an experienced group or it will be less challenging to suit novice paddlers - dependent on the level of paddling experience in the group. Either way, we'll have an orientation session on each trip to review paddling technique, safety procedures and weather conditions. We'll also review the game plan for the day using marine charts. Our goal is to have everyone on the water - confident in their ability to handle their boat in any condition. With a client-to-guide ratio of four or less there will be opportunities to learn new skills or refine your technique. While our trips are not generally considered to be strenuous, you should be in good physical condition.

Group Size

You'll be in a group of no more than four kayakers plus your guide.  We spend our time together as one group and not as a collection of individuals which really works to your benefit. You'll find you get a lot more personal attention from your guide and from interaction with other folks in the group.


Paddling is our passion and we want only the best equipment.  At Driftwood Kayak we have some of the best kayaks and paddling gear on the market. We only use fiberglass or combination carbon / fiberglass kayaks, carbon fiber paddles and top-of-the-line life vests and dry bags. Our tents and camp equipment are state-of-the-art and new in 2015 which makes the camping experience more enjoyable for you.



What to expect?  Summer days are generally warm, however nights can be cool.  You'll be camping on islands that are exposed to the wind, and rain is not out of the question.  We generally get far more dry days than wet ones, however you must be prepared for some rain and wind.  A comprehensive list of suggested clothing is included in your Pre-Trip Information Package.  To view current weather conditions, visit the National Weather Service Forecast Office. 

Cancellation Policy

We'll paddle rain or shine unless there is a lightning storm in the forecast, as provided by NOAA, in which case we reservethe option to cancel the trip.

Trip Cuisine

Good, wholesome food is super important to us. We'll prepare all your meals using locally-sourced produce, where possible, with menus we've gleaned from the best sources we know and from our own personal experience.  There's nothing better than enjoying well-prepared food in the open air after a good day's paddling.  And since you'll burn plenty of calories during the day, plan on consuming sizable portions!

Our Commitment to You

Your time is precious and you've chosen from any number of options to spend time paddling with Driftwood Kayak. If this is your first island paddling experience we'll be your teacher, and if you're an experienced paddler we'll be there when you need us. It's important to us that we provide you with a quality experience, a trip that you'll remember as being "something special I did that summer" and we'll do our very best to make this happen.